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A brilliant idea is only compelling after it has been perfectly implemented

The financial instruments that bring together landowners, real estate developers and investors have been tried and tested for many years. The art is to understand these instruments to perfection, to tailor them individually and utilise them as effectively as possible. We are experts in this art, which enables us to present landowners with compelling options for using and utilising their property.


Working hand in hand with you

As a landowner, you strive to use your land in a way that makes sense and generates profit. We help you to find the ideal approach. With a leasehold, you retain ownership and immediately start earning a profit. With a conventional direct sale or a sale above market value according to our sales agreement model, you have the freedom to reinvest these newly generated financial assets elsewhere. And with a joint development, you have the option of instructing our experts to invest your assets on your own property. Working hand in hand with you, we weigh up which options are best suited to your land holdings and your future plans.