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‘What can I do to ensure that my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will inherit something of value from me?’

‘How can I safeguard my own income and assets over the long term?’

Do you own real estate and wonder how you can achieve sustainable yields with this property – for yourself, your family and future generations? Then you have come to the right place with our team of real estate, legal, tax and wealth management experts.

We have been successfully dealing with these questions for many years. We provide you with attractive and well-established models that are individually adapted to your needs. In doing so, we bring landowners and investors to the table to generate new wealth together. One example of this is the solutions that we offer in the area of leaseholds, in which the land remains in the ownership of the family while still achieving attractive returns. This model is also very appealing to investors because it reduces the capital requirements for building projects.


Exceeding expectations

Such models demand a wealth of experience, insight and sensitivity. Our business model places you, our partner, at the heart of our services. We constantly strive to exceed your expectations, and we can achieve this by building on our global and local knowledge and many years of experience. With branch offices in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, we are intimately familiar with local markets, rules and customs. In today’s ever more complex markets, it is increasingly important to specialise in core issues and integrate upstream and downstream services, an approach that is reflected in our business philosophy. Specialisation is the key.

When you require advice on land and property, we are your ideal choice for a secure future. We will accompany you every step of the way, from navigating the decision-making process to providing long-term support.

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