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Now in our fourth generation: Ludwig Limbeck AG

Every idea is born of a necessity, and making a meaningful investment is one such example. In today’s market, selling land has become an increasingly unattractive prospect, due to exceedingly low or even negative interest rates for cash deposits at banks, rising land and real estate prices as well as high regional property capital gains taxes and other strict government regulations. However, there are viable and appealing alternatives, such as establishing a leasehold agreement.

As professional, seasoned project developers, our services offer landowners attractive income opportunities. The benefits are extensive, and not just for landowners and investors: our involvement helps to develop unproductive building land and dilapidated properties – thereby alleviating housing shortages and creating growth opportunities for companies that require state-of-the-art premises.

We focus not only on the needs of landowners, but also on the requirements of institutional and private investors in an international environment, on whose behalf we develop plots of land and realise real estate projects. Our motivation is to balance these needs and objectives.

A bit of history

Ludwig Limbeck AG was founded by Ludwig Limbeck senior (1900–1982) and is now operated by his descendants in the fourth generation. The company logo is inspired by the former family coat of arms and contains the classic lion, as a heraldic animal, in honour of the capable leadership of the company’s founding fathers.

The family tree of the Limbeck dynasty can be traced back to the 16th century and today extends as far as Australia, where Ludwig Limbeck junior emigrated to in 1959 and established an important timber company.