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Current developments, valuable knowledge

What current developments in the real estate market are worth a closer look? What conclusions can be drawn from statistics? What impact do tax issues have? Here you will find an insider’s view of market events, strategies and insights.

Market events, strategies and insights

Real estate markets are catching their breath

The coronavirus crisis has led to a significant decline in the number of transactions in the real estate industry. This is probably due to postponed investment and purchasing decisions as well as the limited options for meetings, viewings and notarisations.

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Passive income with leaseholds

To secure a high standard of living, regular income must be generated – if not from active work, then from dividends on investments. Leaseholds are an ideal option for landowners.

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Developers are increasingly concluding purchasing contracts

Landowners are reluctant to sell their unique plots of land at a relatively low price if the land has development potential. Clever developers are thus willing to pay more, and virtually without risk, by signing a contract that grants them the right to purchase the land.

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A leasehold in your profitability calculation? A transitory item!

If a real estate project does not involve purchasing land, but rather using land on the basis of a leasehold, how do you calculate the profitability? Very simple: the costs arising from the leasehold are a transitory item!

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Avoiding taxes with leaseholds

In Switzerland, land transactions are sometimes very highly taxed, depending on the canton and the type of transaction, and may even be subject to double taxation. This makes a sale unattractive. The solution: a leasehold.

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